In every child’s dream

The melody of Heaven moves peacefully

Gently and tenderly

As a silken ribbon

Made of purest threads

Woven about a most special gift

In total loving freedom

A most beautiful song of treasure to be discovered.

With eyes bright and full of delight

Greatest pleasure settles upon the ears

Like a strikingly colorful autumn leaf

From a majestic tree

Slowly moves in a light comforting breeze

Glides steadily in calming circles to its place of rest

Soothing and rich air swirls playfully about

Heaven’s treasure soon upon the earth

A blessing from above

Celebrated in an angel’s lullaby.

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The heart yearns

The soul longs

Complete freedom and total divine fellowship

Fulfillment of eternal destiny a fire within

All purpose and meaning in life

Heavenly reasons for being alive

To ascend the highest mountain of existence

Stars as snowflakes seen in intricate, unique beauty.

As Godly humility bows on the Earth

And worship finally takes wing

Soars far above heaven and earth

Reaches beyond the stars

To the home of angels of holiness

The place of Splendor and Majesty beyond human imagination

To the very Throne Room of Glory

Temple Presence of the King of all true Jews,

Unapproachable Light of Brilliance

Prone before the Seat of Mercy.

Now, as we bow on Earth in the Spirit

Before the Holy One

A hand of love reaches out

And gently touches us,

Encouragement streams forth

Strength to be patient

Power to wait a little longer

Until salvation within finishes its intimate work,

Within you, within your neighbor

Within family and friends

And with some who hate and call themselves your “enemy”!

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1.) You put love in my heart

      When I had so little

      When, I had none

      You put love in my heart

      And now I have so much

      Heaven’s treasure so near!

Chorus: In my heart, in my heart

                Your love does reign

                In my heart, in my heart

                Your Spirit lives

                Forever, in my heart.

2.) You put peace in my soul

      When I had so little

      When, I had none

      You put peace in my soul

      And now I have such rest

      Heaven’s treasure so near!

3.) You put joy on my lips

      When I had so little

      When, I had none

      You put joy on my lips

      A new song in my heart

      Heaven’s treasure so near!

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The abundance of every new day

Lies waiting

As fields ripe for harvest

Or fruit heavy on the branches,

Goodness in the eyes of the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Looks down from Heaven’s Throne

Pierces the heart and soul of every splendid human

Loved by the King of Love

Delight of the Lord

As His hands reach out

Seek to touch with favor

Seek to establish footsteps

With infinite care and purpose,

Our paths daily kept safe

Our futures held securely

Hope that deepens

Hope that becomes richer, fuller

When we prayerfully draw near

With each thought, each word spoken

Each act in faith

Everything as a living prayer of intimacy

Offered to the only One who truly cares,

A mutual celebration of life in eternal embrace

Friendship and fellowship joined

As our lips and hearts cry out to Him

In praise, in worship, in thanksgiving

For the wealth of His life poured out

Every day, for us

Our prayers mixed with Heaven’s divine incense

Rise before the Majestic Throne of our God.

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Silence captures a moment,

While a voice of caring goes out

Words of love freely from the heart

Often met, answered by only silence,

Even friends once thought of dearly

Seem to turn their backs

Then fade away;

The Church family seems lost as well at times of real need.

Separation in pain,

As the face turns alone towards Heaven

Eyes closed to the dark clouds above

Yet, drops of rain fall all around

Strike the face

Strike the head and the body

Water streams down

Tears of sadness blend in

And the heart cries out- “Lord, why?”.

Then as the water soaks through the covering

An understanding, a reminder as intuition settles upon the mind –

“As I walked the earth, so do you,

As I was ignored and belittled

So will you be

As I set my face like flint

Now, so can you!”

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On chosen hearts made so tender

Sensitive minds

Of spiritually gentle souls

The forehead glows brightly

Golden sparkle with new jewels spread across

What only Heaven sees

And all those who belong to Him

Another child of the Holy Kingdom

Sealed and separated forever

A beautiful crown of destiny

Seen by angels as a true Light

Messiah’s anointing from above

Touch of love from our God

Touch of peace from our Lord

Heaven’s gift for another

Given freely from above.

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He stands strong as the winds gust and blow about

A fearless soul on a high mountain

Warrior anchored in Heaven’s Hope

Stillness within, where the knowledge of God rests

Messiah’s peace the true Spirit wind that moves body, soul and spirit

Lifts the heart and carries the mind

To  places of quiet very high above the dust and clouds

Where endurance and suffering in the Kingdom of Truth

Is fully embraced.

The earthly winds of change howl and wail

Violence and deceit seem to have their own way,

But in essence fall flat like words to the ground

Like a rock thrown

That hits only the dirt with a thud.

Powerful angels stand unseen at the world’s four corners

Ready to snuff out all wind

A deathly, eerie calm will settle on the nations

Until the Sword of Justice flashes

And separates one proud nation from North to South

Splitting far apart the Mississippi River Valley

Never again to be joined and healed

Never again to be united.

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