Went to a fun park

A different kind of park

A special sort of place

With Mom and Dad,

And my brother, too.

A lot of big trees

A lot of tall grass

Small lakes here and there,

Some trees were very big, like giants

Stuff hanging from the branches

Like long hair or a cape, or both.

Then, I saw myself in my own mind,

Up on a very large tree branch

A big alligator was crawling up from the lake

Looking mean and hungry,

Looking at my brother;

Mom and Dad were off on a short walk.

No fear in me

Suddenly I flew down like a red tailed hawk,

One hand grabbed my brother

Other hand grabbed that long, thick tail as its mouth snapped shut,

Twirled it around like a blade on my toy helicopter

Then sent it flying far away

Back into the lake!

Later we sat together back up high in the tree.

I heard a voice tell me-

“Nothing can harm us,

Not you or me”.

Then Mom called out, ears woke up,

Dad shouted, too- “See what’s in the water by the dock”.

Eyes and mind woke up, too.

I shook my head,

All as if in a dream,

But I was not even asleep! 




About Gary Bertnick

I was a Minnesota teenager in the late 1960's. I was drafted into the military after an intense time at an engineering school. As a graduate chemical engineer and former athlete, I became a Marine Corps private. The Lord spoke to me through a friend while visiting Rapid City,S.D. My true discipleship began in Southern California and was boosted through association with Morris Cerullo Ministry and others. I fed upon the Scriptures and have learned to be led by the Holy Spirit. I know what the fear of the Lord is. What I write is done to honor the Lord and to touch the lives of those who know Him as well as those who should.
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