Tears of change often in quiet suffering

Many circumstances of our lives

Like the steady ocean waves

Wind driven forces of the world

Relentless, in rhythm a cadence rolls in

Steady, seemingly predictable waves in time

Wash the sands over and over,

And then, a sudden turn

Larger and larger, then huge

The unexpected hits the shore

Pulls in a walker and his dog, and another simply watching.

Mystery of heating and cooling currents and surely more,

Moments of changes shatter dreams and expectations,

Drown the good plans unfolding.

Some are rescued through perseverance

Some are lost.

Yet, a few in victory, a gathering of joy,

In struggles great endurance appears

A strong hand or two to pull up

To set another on higher ground,

Even upon a great rock.

In the difficulties of this place

One hugs another, then another and then one more;

Despite unseen pitfalls

Or a mountain that suddenly rises

As we walk a common rough road with many tears

We know He wept

Yeshua wept, too!

The mind and heart do clearly remember

Things done in the past

Things heard and said

Family, friends, strangers, ones loved,

And then we remember those words read often-

“And Jesus wept”. 




About Gary Bertnick

I was a Minnesota teenager in the late 1960's. I was drafted into the military after an intense time at an engineering school. As a graduate chemical engineer and former athlete, I became a Marine Corps private. The Lord spoke to me through a friend while visiting Rapid City,S.D. My true discipleship began in Southern California and was boosted through association with Morris Cerullo Ministry and others. I fed upon the Scriptures and have learned to be led by the Holy Spirit. I know what the fear of the Lord is. What I write is done to honor the Lord and to touch the lives of those who know Him as well as those who should.
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