The night sky stands in celebration of beauty created,

Always new gems of creation

As vessels of God’s delight,

Stars even differ in splendor

Just as earthly human beauty and spiritual beauty,

The temporary and the permanent.

A woman’s multi-faceted beauty slowly fades

As days surely pass on by,

The image in a mirror reflects honesty.

Sarah and Abraham in love all their days

Her striking beauty, radiating beauty

Attractive in the world’s eyes,

Yet, fearless in harmony, rich with God’s plan and faithful purpose.

Youth and youthfulness project the outward qualities,

The lines, hips formed as jewels, eyes and hair and skin colors,

But only Messiah’s grace completes any picture

An anointed spirit, soul and body.

Truly wise with Heaven’s wisdom

Love that covers all weakness

Eyes of the Spirit that see eternally

With knowledge and understanding that enhance, satisfy the beauty of a body

As presented in faithful honor of and to the Creator,

The worthy One who made each curve,

Hands of an Artist who alone truly appreciates each person.

Many stumble, many fall into idolatry

Barren wasteland of pornography,

Still, countless others from every tribe

Brothers and sisters at last

Men just as Adam, women just as Eve without shame

All stand in purity clothed with Messiah

Shine brightly before their King

And His throne of majestic Light

Soon to be established in Jerusalem,

His city and His children

Spread out like stars before a holy, calming gaze. 


About Gary Bertnick

I was a Minnesota teenager in the late 1960's. I was drafted into the military after an intense time at an engineering school. As a graduate chemical engineer and former athlete, I became a Marine Corps private. The Lord spoke to me through a friend while visiting Rapid City,S.D. My true discipleship began in Southern California and was boosted through association with Morris Cerullo Ministry and others. I fed upon the Scriptures and have learned to be led by the Holy Spirit. I know what the fear of the Lord is. What I write is done to honor the Lord and to touch the lives of those who know Him as well as those who should.
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