The call of heavenly beauty

A woman’s voice as the sound of an angel,

Then, powerful rumblings, thunder and lightning

And the Voice of the Ancient One follows…

The Glorious Son speaks!

Spiritual things

Unseen by most

Spiritual power

Misunderstood by so many,

Divine peace as power to carry a man and woman through

What the world can never give,

Deepest inner calm and stillness

Confidence through any storm, any measured chaos,

Soothing comfort in all perseverance

A simple touch of kindness in days of endurance

When the moments of time

And the constant torment of changing circumstances

Loudly demand every breath.

A lone refuge for the heart and soul

Always stands near

As Corrie Ten Boom experienced,

Clear and clean hiding place for the spirit

Untouched by rough hands

Or any dark forces,

Always free to soar

On Heaven’s newest stream of angelic songs

In celebration of continual victory

Triumph of once fallen mankind,

Now, with overcoming power of faith through grace

At rest in the comfort of absolute  authority!

   Gary Bertnick

About Gary Bertnick

I was a Minnesota teenager in the late 1960's. I was drafted into the military after an intense time at an engineering school. As a graduate chemical engineer and former athlete, I became a Marine Corps private. The Lord spoke to me through a friend while visiting Rapid City,S.D. My true discipleship began in Southern California and was boosted through association with Morris Cerullo Ministry and others. I fed upon the Scriptures and have learned to be led by the Holy Spirit. I know what the fear of the Lord is. What I write is done to honor the Lord and to touch the lives of those who know Him as well as those who should.
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