To see Him

To draw so near

To see Him

Become so close

In worship

Reach out for Him

In all praise

Reach out for Him.

Echo: Reach out for our destiny

            All through hearts in worship

            All through our lips in praise

            New songs of thanksgiving

            Love returned, poured from our hearts.


Draw us near

Lord, draw us near

We hunger

We thirst for you

We need you

To hold us tight

Please embrace us

Draw us near.


Tears of love

Tears of joy fall

Made to love

Hearts that have longed

Full of peace

Hearts in your Word

We know now

And forever more.


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Wonderful day of harvest

Joy of touching a man’s soul

Beauty of encouraging a woman’s spirit

Delight of following the Shepherd

As He steps and leads into one person’s life

Then another, and always another

Fields of wheat ripe as was spoken

Grain made ready, hearts made willing

Ears and minds made able

To hear, to understand

Rich mysteries of Heaven revealed

One Seed of Promise at a time

Longings come true

Deepest yearning as thirst

Satisfied from a Holy Temple Vessel

Overflowing with Living Water

How blessed the servant who offers the drink

Who lifts the cup to dry, parched lips

Drops of Spirit revelation

Then an eternal flow of truth

A stream becomes the crystal clear River of Healing

And the new man, the new woman

Stand upright at last in new strength

Lift their voices in praise

Their arms in honor and worship.

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The word “WHY” resounds sharply within

But the answer is already known

The heart and soul long ago prepared

Just as the clothes are worn

Just as food and drink taken in daily by the body

The good answers radiate in honest light

Boldly, fearlessly seen in bright eyes

That gently carry God’s Truth

Eyes that shine from a soul that holds treasure

Divine spiritual reality

And a supernatural confidence

Faithful grasp on life that is true life!

If one is able, his feet flee persecution

Wings to carry, to shelter in another American town or village,

Another temporary place, safety for a short while

Until the devil imprisons more

In a fateful test for a few days,

These who “do not love their lives so much

As to shrink from death”.


A small cloud hovers on the distant horizon

Then, a gathering of others drifts closer

Almost in simple natural beauty

A light sprinkle begins to rain down

Barely enough to wet flowers and grass,

And then thunder off in another direction is heard

And flashes, followed by more rumbling above

Suddenly a torrent is unleashed

Heavy, heavy rain as we scatter

Strong winds and even large hail

And the lands of nations tremble.


Voices of reason

Voices of tolerance and acceptance

Eventually give way to those who cleverly divide

Who then invite chaos to control, to manipulate

Who begin to celebrate the violent sword of divisions,

And those many who hold to truth and a God of Truth

Are subtly herded, as sheep with lambs drawn together

Then forcefully isolated, set glaringly apart,

Violence follows as their blood flows

As evil lusts for even more blood,

That of the “saints and prophets

And of all who have been killed on the earth”.

Mystery Babylon who rides the Beast

Insatiable Harlot

Soon to be ruined

Soon to be crushed

By the darkest Beast of all kingdom beasts

Just as it was spoken

Just as it was written

So long ago,

Now beginning to be seen

With our own eyes!

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In the end

Who will stand true in faith

Who will stand strong in hope

Who will remain pure in body, soul and spirit,

Who will be left to love and to be loved

In honor of the Author of Life?

As the winds of change on Earth grow more violent,

Evil and the “evil one” parade triumphantly through the city streets,

The leadership of most nations corrupt with a rotten stench,

Who will be left to face down the enemy on earth?

Who will stand firm in divine strength in your own house

Refuse to shrink from death’s intimidations

Anywhere and at any time

Even as those once close become enemies;

Who will remain fearless as a young lion?

The few, surrounded by the many

The few, bowed before the Throne of Heaven

The few, destined for glory

The few who will yet face the final dark wars,

Hatred against love, lies against truth

A bloody war against all the saints

Who love the King of the Jews

Jerusalem and remnant Jacob

In the shortened days of the Beast and his Beast Kingdom!

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Prisoners of will

Slaves of corrupt conscience

Ones fallen so far

That darkness is light

Sour is sweet

Evil is good

And those who display and speak God’s truth

Are the worst enemies…

The impossible human dilemma

Invisible snare about every heart and soul

Spirits forever trapped

Heavy chains about the minds,

The body merely a temporary prison cell.

Each human being at first birth

Born into spiritual blindness

Delusional self

Ruled by every selfish impulse or desire

Fallen completely

Without even a hint of a thought of life that is true life!

Messiah Yeshua walked the earth that He made,

The Creator of all removed His crown

Turned from His throne and walked the common human path

Led by the Father’s Spirit of mercy

In step with His Father’s Spirit of love.

As the Shepherd of kindness

With gentleness blessed all the little children

And tenderly sought to deliver all the big children

Free forever from Lucifer’s darkness,

The ultimate fraud completely exposed as Satan the destroyer

The crafty father of lies

Even every religion based on human effort.

Darkness destroyed forever through the Cross

As death itself is destroyed

And knowledge of the Light of God

In true Spirit life revealed.

Now, high above any mountain  stands Messiah’s Cross

His eternal sacrifice for redemption,

The only Savior who loves

The only honest salvation from death,

The greatest escape

Now simply and clearly made known.

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An eternal place of rest

Temple of lasting peace

Shelter entered long ago,

As a young man showered by Holy Spirit revelation

Divine mysteries steadily made known,

True Heavenly wisdom the only worthy cry and desire,

Earthly riches and treasures, all selfish wealth

As vanity,  cast aside

Even as King Solomon prayed and wrote

Repeated now in a humble reckoning,

While in a final gasp of will

Choice of reality freely given.

Then, miraculously, the peace and joy of Holy spirit rebirth received

Even when all hope lost

Nothingness, called death gripped,

Worldly status quo, common delusional spiritual blindness.

As the only Messiah’s resurrected Life is made known

Sublime mysterious splendor of Yeshua is slowly unveiled,

In brilliance of Light

His eternal majestic reality is poured out

Falling upon inner eyes beginning to see,

The Prince of Peace royally crowned with the Universe and more

As King and Creator, His crown worn with such open joy

Radiant face, flowing hair of glorious supernatural white…

My greatest pleasure now- to bow before our King,

My King!

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A peaceful walk through this world

Life from above, not below

True life not of this world.

As we go along our own unique path

Special, creative and artfully designed

Our circumstances sovereignly ordered,

Footsteps divinely laid out,

Choices and people met

Those loved, those wisely avoided

Each person seen and heard, spoken to ,

All is weighed precisely

Honestly in the pure balance of purpose and meaning,

Nothing wasted

Not one crumb of the multiplied loaves,

Everything valued, preserved.

Lasting peace is established one step

One day, one person at a time

As one of many prayers offered,

One chance to love, then another

And another, and another…

The narrow road we wisely travel

Sown with so many good seeds,

Lasting beauty truly sprinkled all about us.

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